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Seco Machine Quality

Decades of Quality At Seco Machine

Seco Machine (an A. Stucki Company) has multiple quality initiatives in place to ensure complete customer satisfaction with both our products and our service

Continual Improvement

Seco Machine subscribes to the philosophy of continual improvement meaning all of our processes and products are continually evaluated and improved in terms of productivity, resources used, resultant quality, and other relevant aspects.

Quality Policy

Through dedication and teamwork, the A. Stucki Companies will meet or exceed our customers’ expectations by providing quality products and services through continuous process improvement.

Employee Training

Our employees are trained in Safety, Inspection Procedures, and general quality principles and procedures. This training gives them a better understanding of the products they manufacture and enables them to make process adjustments as necessary. If a product does not meet a customer’s specifications, that employee is empowered and expected to place a product on hold and initiate a quality review.


ISO 9001 Compliance or AAR compliance

Seco Machine has both ISO 9001 and/or AAR M-1003 certifications. These world-class systems enable Seco Machine to engineer quality and performance into every product and service we provide.


Exceeding expectations usually go beyond just machining, which is why we take a great deal of pride in our high level of customer service and the broad array of ancillary services we offer. We strive to work closely with each customer to exceed their expectations in all areas.

Our Ancillary Services include but are not limited to warehousing of raw and finished materials for JIT delivery, production sawing, light assembly, heat treatment, various coatings and specialty packaging for drop shipments. We also specialize in manufacturing our own foundry tooling and conversion of expensive materials like steel forgings to more cost effective grey, ductile and austempered ductile iron castings.

We have put considerable effort in becoming an industry leader in machining ADI (austempered ductile iron). We regularly machine ADI to a hardness of about 500 brinell. This is possible largely due to the development of our own specialty tooling and coolant formulas.


Seco Machine recognizes the need to remain nimble and grow with their ever-changing customer needs and requirements. Currently, the nearly 120,000 sq ft shared facility houses floor space for ware housing, machining, and assembly.

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