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Stucki executives, general managers and company personnel participated in continuous improvement practitioner (CIP) training in December and February and came away enthusiastic about what the process is doing for the company.

“The training was motivational and inspiring,” said Stucki CEO JOHN O’BRYAN, who attended the February session. “The eventual return on our investment will come from each of us applying the training to our work areas until it becomes the standard for how we operate as a company.”

The new CIP course included revisions from the training conducted for employees in 2022, according to MIKE WALL, continuous improvement coach at Stucki, who facilitated the training at Seco Machine in North Canton, Ohio.

Previous training covered the five lean thinking principles, the difference between “value-added” and “non-value-added” activities, the seven-step problem solving process, the five phases of team development and other topics.

Added for “CIP 2.0,” as Mike called it, were examples specific to Stucki and its operations. As a result, the composite feedback score on post-training participant surveys was “one of the highest I’ve seen in more than 30 years of teaching the course,” he said.

Students once again participated in a paper airplane-building exercise designed to illustrate the continuous improvement process and its impact on productivity and profitability. The exercise was described in the Spring 2022 issue of the Stucki Express.

“The airplane simulation helps participants understand the link between Lean thinking and improved operational and financial performance,” Mike said.

Stellex Capital Management executives visited the December class to express support for the training and Stucki’s ongoing emphasis on continuous improvement.

“Their visit was very well received by class participants,” Mike said. “I heard it being discussed in positive terms during class breaks and over dinner that evening.”

He said this round of training, which included a third session in March, covers the approach, terminology, tools, systems and principles of continuous improvement.

The fact that the entire leadership team has been through the course is “a powerful accomplishment for any organization,” said Mike.

According to John, the eventual goal is to build a world-class culture across the company.

“We’re in the early stages of this journey,” he said, “and adopting a continuous improvement mindset is critical to our success.”

Pictured Above:

These CI 2.0 Practitioners Course participants gathered at Seco Machine in December. From left: Brian Putnam, Phil Pietrandrea, Nick Lakatos, Damien Vernille, Chris Kelley, Matt Mangerson, Steve Kallal, Doug Spire, Sam Maples, Barry Hillgartner, Kenny Olson, Mike Wall (trainer), Steve Peck, Bill Welch, David Landgrave and Scott Driggers.

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